The Star Maker

by Bejd

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Based on the book by Olaf Stapledon.


released May 1, 2014

Music and lyrics by Brian E J Davis
additional lyrics by James Ford

Performed by Brian E J Davis, with

Tilly Hewitt – vocals
James Ford – vocals
Mitchell Davis – guitars
El Sidius – drum programming
Chesh Eggmun – singing bowls

Artwork by Chesh Eggmun



all rights reserved


Bejd UK

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Track Name: The Starting Point
What significance could there be
in this frail evanescent community?

What significance could there be
this brief atom of community?

And yet the heart praised.

In answer to your question, I tell you dear,
to ease that troubled mind of yours;
We are what we are, just live.
We are but a flicker in the lives of stars.
Track Name: Earth Among the Stars
Obscurity faded
stars unbroken
stares, unwinking.

Imagined sight: the sky fused
one hollow sphere, star-peopled, black.

A curve of wire

All were made of glass

The distant church clock
tolled for midnight.


I wondered if I had died.
Whole new existence, distress shocked me.

I wondered...
Comfort in this whole new existence.

Soaring away, the heavens blazed.
The milky way, river of light.
Track Name: Interstellar Travel
Rubies lay behind, amethysts ahead.

Travelling faster than light.
Floating at the bottom of a well.
Darkness, no sensation
I longed for home.

Spirit willed me on,
timidity overcome.
Is the universe dust and ashes
or a world of flowers?


Star-streams eclipsed, cloud-continents.
Pearls of light: embryos.
Dying, the extinguished dead.

Planets rare as gems among sand, desert of darkness.
The colossal futility, pinned like a fly, eternally alone,
my special Hell.


On and on I travelled in the darkness,
the lights of heaven distant ships.
A gap between streams,
but still within the same little cell of the cosmos where she lived.

Congested lights,
the sky blazed with suns.
Ocean crossing,
the harbour by night
but lonely I fled.

Horror of darkness and distance and barren incandescence,
the stars held me.

Wandering for days,
years or aeons.
Luck or spirit,
a sun-like star.

Point of light,
its disc swelled before me.
I slowly descend
the unfamiliar planet.